Orchids in Winter

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Orchids in Winter

Orchids are among the most diverse and spectacular of all flowering plants.  With an infinite variety of colors, shapes and sizes – they are an ideal indoor plant.  Many are very fragrant and all are a feast to the eyes.  To keep your orchids thriving in the winter time, here are a few tips:

  • Orchids grow slower with less light and cooler temperatures – which means they need less water and food than the warmer months.  Allow the orchids soil to dry-out slightly unless they are blooming.  (This is true except for those orchids that prefer moist soil – like moth and slipper orchids.)
  • Water the orchids early in the day so they will be dry by nightfall.  The damp soil at night during the cooler days can be a breeding ground for fungal and bacterial growth!
  • Warmer growing orchids prefer a temperature above 65 year round.  Cymbidiums like a cooler environment of 55-65 degrees.
  • Keep orchids away from registers, heat vents, fireplaces, etc – any where there is a source of dry air.  The dry air can cause the buds to drop.
  • Flowering orchids need plenty of water.

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